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About Us


The Black Travellers Collective is a Black travel company, founded in February 2023 that works to create group travel trips for Black people. We curate experiences for like-minded people who are interested in travelling the globe and connecting with their inner self while building community. We are a growing collective of Black people who love to experience life to the fullest and push ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone. We believe in the importance of finding community and we think the perfect way to do this is through travel.


The Black Travellers Collective was born out of both passion and pain. Our founder Bethany has always loved to travel. She has spent many years travelling the world solo, with friends and family for fun. She has always known that travel is special but didn’t quite know how she wanted to turn it into a business. Sadly, in 2021 Bethany lost her mum, grandma and home in the space of three months. Bethany’s life was turned upside down during a global pandemic and ever since she has been trying to navigate this new chapter of her life. After a really tough season Bethany decided to take a solo trip to Zanzibar, just to breathe. Zanzibar allowed Bethany to feel alive again, fall in love with the island and find the head space to plan The Black Travellers Collective. The rest is history! The Black Travellers Collective's main focus is to create a safe space for Black people to focus on their emotional, physical, intellectual, and social wellness while connecting with the community.


The Black Travellers Collective believes that community is the key to life. Finding community in the people around you can help you to navigate life. Community is powerful, you can’t do anything without community. We believe you can go further by leaning into your community as opposed to standing alone. It is key to build your community and nurture it, you never know what you can learn from those around you or what others can learn from you. You can create ‘a seat at the table’ for yourself by working collectively with your community. We do believe it is important to chase our individual dreams, however, we believe our dreams will probably go way beyond what we were hoping for if we lean into the community around us.


What makes us differ from other travel companies?

As you can tell from our name, we are a unique travel company that is solely for Black people looking to nurture their wellness through travelling the globe. I am sure you have heard the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, although our trips are not for children we are keen to curate ‘the village’ amongst our Black community. We want to create a village that promotes a sense of belonging and pushes individuals to pursue their full purpose. We would love for people to form lifelong bonds and immerse themselves into new cultures while challenging themselves to connect with their inner beings on a deeper level.


Meet the founder 

Hi I am Bethany! The Founder of The Black Travellers Collective. I love to travel and connect with new people. Some of my favourite friendships have been formed because I have chosen to travel to new places both alone and with others. Each place I have travelled to has taught me new things about myself. One of my favourite trips of all time has to be travelling to New York City (NYC) for work back in 2014 and 2015. I know NYC isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it holds a special place in my heart. It was a place where I built community. A community that remains so special to me and has helped me to discover so many beautiful things. NYC opened doors to dreams that I didn't know were possible. I have travelled plenty of times before NYC but I think NYC was the trip that made me realise the life changing opportunities travel can bring. Since then I have been travelling the globe non-stop and finding community in people across the globe. 

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The ethos behind 'The Black Travellers Collective' is to nature your wellness through travel. 

3 things you need to know about us:

  • We are a brand that focuses on emotional, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual wellness.

  • BTC was created because we think it's important that Black people have safe spaces to nature and focus on their wellness. And what better way is there to do that but through travel? 

  • Anyone who knows our founder knows that travelling is her favourite thing to do. She is the biggest advocate for 'book that flight sis'. Every country our founder has visited has introduced her to a new parts of herself. BTC believe travel alone can’t heal you but it definitely can help with healing.

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