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The Black Travellers Collective x GLDN 

February 2024!

We are excited to announce that the founders of The Black Travellers Collective and GLDN are co-hosting a trip to Zanzibar in February 2024! This is The Black Travellers Collective’s first wellness trip and we are so excited to be doing it alongside GLDN. GLDN is truly an amazing organisation that has been running since 2017. Its core purpose is to inspire Black women to reach their goals and pursue their purpose. The Black Travellers Collective’s core purpose is to promote the wellness of Black people and to create a space where Black people can connect with themselves through travel. Zanzibar is an incredible island located in East Africa, the sense of community there is powerful and the views of the island are breathtaking. We both feel Zanzibar is the perfect place to launch our first wellness retreat and we would love for you to join. Spaces are very limited so move quickly! 

*Please note our first wellness retreat is for Black women only. Our future trips will be for all. 

The Black Travellers Collective X GLDN 



Our trip will focus on the different dimensions of wellness:

  • Spiritual Wellness: Spiritual wellness is establishing peace and harmony in our lives with or without organised religion.  

  • Emotional Wellness: Emotional wellness refers to building an awareness of and accepting one's feelings and moods.

  • Physical Wellness: In the simplest terms, the physical dimension is caring for your body. 

  • Social Wellness: Social wellness means maintaining and developing healthy relationships, caring about other people and socially interacting with other individuals.  

  • Intellectual wellness: The intellectual dimension focuses on the mind and encourages creative, stimulating mental activities. 

Meet the founder of GLDN

My name is Shereen and I am the founder of GLDN. GLDN is a purpose group that inspires Black women to reach their goals and pursue their purpose. It was founded over six years ago. It was born from my desire to find community, inspire purpose and encourage community reflection. Since its conception,we have created a network of incredible Black women, led GLDN school workshops, hosted celebration events and watched our community shine in the most unimaginable ways. We are excited to take GLDN to the next step, by collaborating with The Black Travellers Collective for our 2024 trip to Zanzibar. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Bethany, The Black Travellers Collective’s founder, and one of our very own GLDN members. We have so many things in store and can’t wait to connect with you all in sunny Zanzibar!

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